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Have the business and live the life that you love.

Listen to the latest episode filled with strategies, hacks and tactics to up-level your business and life.

Business & Life Coaching Podcast

Have the business and live the life that you love.

Listen to the latest episode filled with strategies, hacks and tactics to up-level your business and life.

Kim Walsh Phillips

Eliminate Chaos and Still Acheive Your Biggest Dream Goals

Join us each week for no BS truths, life blueprints and the best in business strategy.

Episode 1: Find Your Theme Song

Episode 2: 10-Year Vision

Episode 3: Set a Date to Celebrate!

Kim Walsh Phillips

Hey There!

I'm Kim, a multi-seven figure business entrepreneur with no business degree and a tendency to say "crazy pants" more than is socially acceptable.  

I am the bestselling author of The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing with Dan Kennedy, The Ultimate Guide to Instragram for Business and Game Changer: How to Get 10,000 Fans in 72 Hours.  

I've spoken on many spectacular stages including Synergy Business School in Moscow, Etisilat Corporate in Dubai, and Traffic and Conversion, GKIC Super Conference, and Kevin O'Leary's Shark Tank Meet Up in the good 'ole USA.  

My Superpower: Turning clicks into cash and identifying the superpowers in others so they can fly high.  

Join me each week....let's figure out yours. 

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Episode 044: Pleasure Triggers and Getting Leverage  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about establishing your pleasure and leverage triggers. Set a goal that you want to complete in 4-weeks. Next, figure out what your reward will be if you GET the task done. Will you go to the spa? Or eat some chocolate? Next, establish your leverage trigger, too. What will you DO if you DON’T get your goal accomplished in four weeks? Will you dump paint on your car? Will you cut your beard off? Find BOTH your pleasure and leverage triggers.  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:27 – I am incredibly blessed to run this inner circle of people who are mostly entrepreneurs. These are people that are working towards scaling their business. They have to work on their messaging, working on their landing page, and more! It’s definitely a process. It doesn’t happen overnight. There are coaching calls and a retreat at the end of the year. At the end of the retreat, we encouraged them to find the ONE thing that they want to accomplish in the next four weeks. They have to pick ONE thing to focus on.  

2:02 – It’s good to celebrate your small victories. We went around the room and shared our pleasure triggers. Some of the answers were going to dinner, getting a pedicure, going for a hike, etc.  

3:20 – Pick, also, your leverage if you DON’T get it done. Sometimes we are triggered by the reward, but sometimes we are triggered by a consequence. For example dye your hair purple, cut your surfboard in half, cutoff your beard. Have accountability.  

5:06 – You can go extreme with your leverage trigger or be subtler.  

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Episode 043: Why Being Perfect Sucks  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about perfectionism and how there is no such thing! When you allow this idea of being “perfect” stop you from achieving your dreams, you are hurting your destiny. By not attempting your goal, in fear that it won’t be “perfect,” you are actually failing by not even trying. Check out today’s episode to hear all the details!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:26 – Kim reads a review from an iTunes subscriber. Listen here!  

0:41 – Subscribe, rate, and review for a chance to win an iPad mini!  

0:56 – Being a perfectionist sucks so BAD!  

1:10 – We got done with a great week from our past retreat! There were so many great takeaways.  

1:28 – One theme that I saw come up a lot is perfectionism.  

1:45 – You are afraid of not being perfect – you don’t do that task – then you are actually failing!  

2:28 – Go and do it, and you will be partially there!  

2:46 – You don’t have the right to do that anymore to yourself.  

2:58 – This is true for any of your big dreams. For example: writing that book, or talking at a webinar.  

3:18 – It’s a different way of looking at it. You have to start the task in order to achieve your goals. Don’t allow yourself to be paused in a state of trying to be “perfect” – there is no such thing!  

4:00 – Get your Made to Thrive Planner!  

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Episode 042: Biggest Takeaways from the Incubator  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about her biggest takeaways from a recent retreat. Her tribe gave her some amazing insights into how THEY were changed from the event. Some takeaways focused on the ideas of clarity, using a blueprint, and mentors. Check out today’s episode to hear how these people were transformed!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:42 – Listen to Episode 41!  

0:50 – As we close out the event, we always do a recap. It’s focused on what their biggest takeaways were. It wasn’t about FB strategies or marketing plans, it was what happened in their minds!  

1:37 –  

1:46 – One takeaway from an attendee was: It is possible!  

1:59 – This man realized that there IS a blueprint, there are mentors around us, and he realized that it is POSSIBLE!  

2:37 – Find the people who have walked the walk. By doing this, you are surrounded by people who can validate you and give you guidance.  

3:33 – Another takeaway was from a woman who said: I let my negative thoughts take control.  

4:09 – Another takeaway was: Removing chaos and giving myself clarity.  

4:21 – Sometimes we sit in a place of confusion and chaos, which doesn’t help us move forward. These are limiting beliefs and fears. By sitting in this chaotic area, you aren’t finding a solution.  

5:05 – Hope to see you at the next retreat, so we can work together!  

5:15 – Subscribe, rate, and review for a chance to win an iPad mini!  

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Episode 041: How to Burn Your Fears  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips encourages you to overcome your fears and obstacles. If you let fear stand in the way of accomplishing your goals, how will you be able to serve the people you were destined to serve? Write down your fears on a piece of paper, burn it, and notice how you were in control this whole time! Check out today’s episode for more insights from Kim!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:24 – The next few episodes will be the takeaways that I learned from four days of in-person meetings.  

0:31 – The first few days we were doing our social media cash machine launch.  

1:05 – Some of these people serve people on a one-to-one, and then they launch it to the general public.  

1:41 – An example of this is one woman helps the community with health and diet. Another example is a person helps the community with their sales.  

2:45 – Who were YOU created to serve? By doing this you, you are acknowledging your calling and your avatar.  

3:53 – There are people out there praying that YOU are able to serve them. You can’t let your fears get in the way, because then you cannot serve them.  

4:19 – Write down your fears. Write down your limiting beliefs. Take those notes and set it on fire! Literally, burn the limiting fears, obstacles, and fears. It shows you that you had the power all along and that you have control. It can be an amazing experience!  

5:18 – One of my clients is a private investigator and his computer desktop picture is of this fire pit.  

5:45 – If you can’t burn your fears, then crumple it or tear it up to itty-bitty pieces! Take a physical action to say “goodbye” to your limiting beliefs!  

6:20 – Subscribe, rate, and review! Thanks!  

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Episode 040: Getting Through the Hard Times  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about changing poor habits to good habits! We are creatures of routine and when you change that routine, your mind might not like it at first. That’s okay! If you take away a puppy’s daily treat, will it be happy on day one or day two? No, because it was used to that daily treat. However! You decided not to give the puppy the snack, anymore, because health-wise it wasn’t the best for it; same for your life. Choose a lifestyle and habits that will help serve you towards your big goals!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:25 – Today’s topic: Let’s change some bad habits. Perhaps not snacking at nighttime and instead workout. Limit your time on social media, so you are not comparing yourself to others as much.  

1:04 – It’s hard to make changes because your brain is used to a certain lifestyle and now you’ve changed the routine. Of course, it will be hard!  

1:10 – Kim gives an example of a puppy. Listen here!  

1:46 – Changing habits can be hard! Keep pushing yourself forward, and know that you haven’t given up! When you get those feelings, take a pause, and smile because that means you are headed in the right direction!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 039: Stop Making Excuses  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about taking action steps towards your goals. When you say to yourself, “I want to...” or “I am going to...” ask yourself this one question: “What are you actually doing to achieve your dream?” If you just wish and hope for your dream, it will never come true. You actually have to put forth the effort to make your dreams a reality. Check out today’s episode to hear Kim’s advice!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:27 – Traveling as much as I do, I get to have tons of great conversations! I can hear about their dreams, their families and more! I hear “what they PLAN” to do.  

1:11 – Who are you to have these big dreams and NOT do anything about it? Why aren’t you making any progress? Stop dreaming if you aren’t willing to make progress!  

1:42 – DREAM HUGE! Don’t have it sit there in the dream phase, make plans! Do you want to talk about it or are you scheduling these action steps?  

2:36 – Examples: Go to LINKEDIN and make those contacts! What is the topic of your book?  

2:57 – When we stay in this wishy-washy state we are not using God’s given talents that He gave us. Make the next step and schedule it in your calendar!  

3:45 – Schedule it and make it happen!  

4:00 – Check out the Made To Thrive Planner – here!  

4:19 – I can’t wait to hear about your WIN!  

Resources Mentioned:  

Episode 038: Why Think Positive?  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about the power of thinking positively. Give your subconscious some positive direction, and you will be quite surprised! It’s okay to doubt, but don’t stay there for too long. Say, “I don’t know if I can do that, but I am going to succeed anyway!” It’s amazing to see how your subconscious works when you feed it positive statements. Check out today’s episode to hear Kim’s advice!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:25 – High Point University  

0:45 – I worked with High Point University as a marketing consultant to help their team with social media.  

0:55 – They gave me a bunch of different books, which are excellent!  

1:06 – Book: “Daily Motivation: 365 Messages...” by Nido R. Qubein  

1:14 – Think positive! Your subconscious helps you along the pathway to success. This is why you don’t want to think negatively because it will cause the opposite effect.  

2:14 – Give your subconscious some direction!  

2:32 – Statement: I don’t know if I can do that, but I am going to succeed anyway!  

2:48 – The more you feed those thoughts to your brain – the more it will happen!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 037: Seek Coaching  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about seeking wise counsel from people who are willing to help. It’s important to be in a state of vulnerability to learn and grow. If you are thinking that you are “perfect” then you will have a difficult time making progress towards your goals. Seek wise counsel from mentors who you can trust!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:30 – Today’s topic: Seek Coaching!  

0:39 – People want to appear perfect, but it’s important to seek out wise advice! Nobody expects you to be perfect.  

1:20 – Nobody joins our Facebook groups because they already have an established, amazing network system! They join because they want new strategies for their business. They are looking to better themselves and their business!  

1:58 – I am in a fitness program because I want to up-level my fitness and my health.  

2:16 – Be willing to be coached!  

2:24 – The ones who ask questions want to be guided the right way. Be willing to be vulnerable, so you can learn and grow!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 036: When You Pause Progress  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about the gaps in our productivity. We make these goals and as we are progressing along we will have gaps within our time and productivity. It’s just a fact of life. What is important is how we start, again, after those gaps! It doesn’t matter if it’s been a few days, months or even years! Get back on track and start again. Progress is progress and you need to keep moving forward!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:27 – What do you do when you have a pause?  

0:34 – I had some days between recording sessions of the podcast.  

0:51 – I am making daily choices. I am not being made to do anything I don’t want to do.  

1:07 – Of course, I didn’t choose my flight delay or traffic.  

1:27 – I had some gaps in my recording sessions for the podcast. I chose to come back to recording after that small gap in my schedule.  

2:16 – This is NOT true: “If it’s not perfect – why bother to do it at all?!”  

2:23 – There will be lapses of time in our schedule and our productivity.  

2:31 – You don’t stop! You keep making progress! I don’t care if your gap is a few hours/days/months/years. It doesn’t matter!  

3:03 – It’s just a fact that it hasn’t happened, yet. BUT IT CAN! It starts with you taking the next step!  

3:10 – Take the next step because you, my friend, were made to thrive!  

Resources Mentioned:  

Episode 035: Ask the Unasked Question  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about asking the unasked question. When communicating listen to what the other person is REALLY saying. Ask them a follow-up question in order to be on the same page. Kim gives a book recommendation and shares her Power Pack. See links below!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:26 – Please subscribe, rate, and review in iTunes and you could win an iPad mini!  

0:34 – Tara’s review is read here. Kim thanks Tara for her review.  

1:14 – Thank you for listening to today’s episode and this podcast!  

1:20 – Today’s Topic: Never assuming what the other person is thinking!  

1:29 – This goes back to my sales experience. I discovered this assumption topic through sales, but it can be applied to any area in life.  

2:01 – Salespersons and sales pitches.  

2:30 – Ask the unasked question.  

2:49 – For example: I want to know more about what YOU want.  

3:12 – This way it doesn’t go against the grain.  

3:29 – Find questions about what the other person wants or what they are looking for.  

3:50 – We hear through this funnel.  

3:53 – Book: “I Said This, You Heard That” by Kathleen Edelman  

4:51 – By asking the question you are opening up, allowing yourself to be more vulnerable, and establishing a healthier relationship with that person.  

5:08 – Power Pack!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 034: Never Ever Do This  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about how we should talk to ourselves in a positive tone rather than a negative one. When faced with adversity, try to see the situation for what it is. State the facts and take away the judgment. This way you can assess the situation for what it is. Check out today’s episode!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:25 – Today’s topic!  

0:30 – Please subscribe, rate, and review through iTunes!  

0:42 – Topic for today: Never tell your brain it’s right when it’s telling you crap things should happen to you.  

0:58 – Kim gives you an example. Listen here!  

1:10 – You are confirming that bad things will happen to you, because “well...why not” they should happen to you.  

1:25 – Don’t say: I didn’t get the project done or I never will accomplish my dreams, so why do it anyway?  

1:33 – This is affirming negative energy that won’t help you towards reaching your goals.  

1:48 – Present your life with facts and not judgment. Just seeing the facts for what they are.  

2:18 – See it as a blessing instead!  

2:45 – See it as an opportunity to get the task done better the next time!  

3:04 – You, my friend, were made to thrive!  

3:12 – Assess the facts, my friend, and see how you can do it better next time.  

Resources Mentioned: Made To Thrive Planner

Episode 033: Your One Thing  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about staying focused on your BIG goal! Break it down into bite-sized pieces in order for you to see the progress you’ve made so far. If you can see the progress you are more inclined to keep going and getting that much closer to reaching your BIG goal! Check out today’s episode!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:24 – Let’s get MORE done in your day!  

0:31 – Check out the Made To Thrive Planner!  

0:38 – Subscribe, Rate & Review! Thank you! You could win an iPad mini!  

0:50 – Let’s streamline your productivity! Let’s get one step closer to your BIG goals! If you feel overwhelmed, let’s push that aside and ask yourself, “What is one thing I can do today to get closer to my BIG goal?”  

1:29 – Let’s get ONE thing done, today! Take away the uncertainty and let’s make progress. If we see the progress then we know it’s worth it! If you can SEE the progress you will keep moving forward!  

2:18 - Made To Thrive Planner  

2:31 – Break it down to 21 small steps, and do ONE thing every day!  

2:42 – Make sure you get that ONE thing done during your power hour. You will have accomplished your goal in 21 days! How great is that?!  

Resources Mentioned: Made To Thrive Planner

Episode 032: Do the Easy Tasks  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about when you should complete certain tasks. There are low and high-energy times of the day for everyone. Consider completing the harder tasks during a time when you are inspired, thriving, and focused. The opposite, then, is true for the easier tasks. Complete these tasks when you have the least amount of energy. Check out today’s episode for all of the details!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:25 – It’s okay to do the easy things that bring you joy! Not all of your work has to be hard!  

0:31 – Today’s topic is: Do The Easy Tasks  

0:55 – Listen to past episodes on the “Power Hour!”  

1:05 – There are other times of the day where people are least productive. My least productive time is around 2:00 P.M. This is the time that I will NOT schedule things that drain my energy. I want to be super focused on my high priority tasks, so I complete those during my power hour!  

1:51 – In the morning, during my power hour, I WANT to do the easy things but I MUST complete the tasks that are energy consuming!  

2:21 – Get the Made To Thrive Planner!  

2:37 – Give yourself a reward after you have completed a non-favorite task.  

3:15 – When is it best for you to complete the easy tasks? Perhaps complete the less-complicated tasks during a low-energy time of the day for you. I would finish your harder tasks during a time when you are the most productive. This way you have the adequate energy to knock-it-out-of-the-park!  

Resources Mentioned: Made To Thrive Planner

Episode 031: What To Do If They Won’t Change With You  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about you working on yourself! As you are improving yourself, there might come a time when the people in your life don’t jump onboard. Don’t worry! This has nothing to do with you and your choices. You are working towards your big goals and Kim advises that you focus on just that. The people in your life may feel reluctant to the changes, because they didn’t ask for change. Don’t judge or nag them, just let them be. When they see how the positive change in your life is making you more joyful, then it will be contagious and they may hop on board, too!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:25 – Today’s Topic: What To Do If They Won’t Change With You?  

0:30 – You are setting new to-do lists and this can cause a lot of flack with the different people in your life. Maybe the people in your life weren’t ready for this change.  

1:09 – Just like brand new Christians who have a passion to tell others about their new faith!  

1:26 – I have a strong Christian faith. When you are in the mountaintop experience not everyone will jump onboard.  

1:56 – They didn’t ask for the change. If they come to you with negative commentary it’s not about you, it’s their own insecurities.  

2:29 – Like when going to dinner and someone orders a huge cheesecake. But! If you don’t order it, too, then they question your order choice of ordering a salad instead.  

3:23 – We are normalized when everyone is acting the same.  

3:39 – You are just having a salad?! It has nothing to do with you, if they make such a comment.  

3:56 – It’s not your job to change them, but your job is to show them love!  

4:25 – What do you do instead? Work on a positive mindset.  

4:35 – Kim walks you through the dinner experience at a restaurant. Your order is: sparkling water, and a chicken salad. If your spouse asks you “why” you just say, “this makes me feel good.” You can continue saying, “I like being with you, but this is my food order choice tonight.” There is no judgment there, but you are stating what works well for you.  

5:50 – What you can do is work on yourself. By you working on YOU, they will see the joy and health that you have, and they might want the same for themselves, too!  

6:54 – Be an inspiration, not a nag. Make people want what YOU have! This way they are making their own choice and you aren’t forcing them to change with you.  

Resources Mentioned: Made To Thrive Planner

Episode 030: Congrats! It’s Day 30  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips encourages you to evaluate and see where you are along your 30-day journey. These past 30 days we’ve been working towards our BIG goals! Take a step back and analyze the situation. Are you where you want to be? Do you need to tweak the process to be more focused? Evaluate where you currently are and stay on track with your BIG goals. Check out today’s episode to hear all about it!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:24 – Let’s evaluate being 30-days in. Where are you now? Where do you want to be 30, 60, 90 days from now? How are you going to accomplish your BIG goals?  

1:03 – What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year?  

1:14 – Today’s episode is to audit and see where you are today. Go to your schedule, and go 30-days from now and evaluate your progress. Keep accountability with your friends. Schedule a date with them.  

1:49 – Check out our Made To Thrive Planner!  

1:56 – I have it broken out into a chart and I help you along your journey!  

2:16 – Tons of inspirational quotes, moments to write down gratitude, and marketing tips! Get the planner – here!  

Resources Mentioned: Made To Thrive Planner

Episode 029: Trading Places  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about getting advice from the right people. Talk to people who have walked the walk that you are pursuing. Kim advises that you don’t get advice just from anyone, because everyone has his or her own opinion. Take guidance from the people you admire and who have succeeded in the field in which you want to succeed in. Check out today’s episode for more details!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:27 – Who do you listen to? Everyone has an opinion, but should you take their advice? Check it out! Take advice from people that you’d want to change places with. If a person’s life is a hot mess, why would you want to hear their advice?  

1:14 – The same goes for running a business.  

1:34 – We can seek feedback, but only get advice from the people who you’d want to change places with.  

1:43 – Another example! When you want to get advice, get the advice from someone who has ACTUALLY done the thing that you want to accomplish. This will save you tons of time. They were the ones who figured out how to succeed, so take their advice.  

3:08 – I have single, married, divorced friends. I talk to them about my life, but I am not going to talk to my best friend who is single about raising kids. I will talk to my mom who is married and has raised her children in a wonderful way.  

3:56 – Think about “who” you are getting advice from. This is so important.  

4:02 – You, my friend, were made to thrive!  

Resources Mentioned: Made To Thrive Planner

Episode 028: How To Get It Done When No One is Watching  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about reaching those big goals through showing-up and accountability. You won’t always have someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you are making the necessary steps towards your goal. You have to plan it, schedule it, and set the specific time and date to reach your goals. Have accountability partners along the way to help keep each other in check! Check out today’s episode for all of the details!  

0:21 – Welcome! I just finished my workout!  

0:29 – How to get those big goals done when you just don’t want to!  

0:40 – Nobody is looking over my shoulder, but I went out and completed my run. Before I did my run, I put on my workout clothes. I dressed myself in my workout pants, my tennis shoes in order to get myself ready and pumped!  

1:50 – I am not making up my schedule as I am going along. I have it written down in advance!  

2:01 – I am constantly talking to my “friend” Shelia who is always trying to get me to binge on Bravo. I don’t want to flake out on my friend, so I have to show up.  

2:49 – I told my mom that I was going to go out on my run. I have to report back to her and that is accountability. I don’t want to lie or cheat the system.  

3:13 – Plan it. Schedule it. Set the time and date.  

3:28 – If you want to write “X” amount of pages, make sure your computer is charged and ready to go before you sit down.  

3:43 – I used to go to bed with my workout clothes on, so when I woke up in the morning I was more inclined to go and workout.  

3:52 – Be accountable and have your friends keep you in check.  

4:04 – Get the Made to Thrive Planner!  

Resources Mentioned: Made To Thrive Planner

Episode 027: What Is Your Time Worth?  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about your time and what is it worth to you? By scrolling through social media stories and spending your time on menial tasks, how much revenue are you possibly missing out on? Use valuable resources to help with your errands in order to concentrate on the things that matter the most to you. Check out today’s episode where Kim shares the companies that help her save time!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:24 – Something different today!  

0:38 – Friday Live Show through Facebook Live.  

3:15 – Let’s get down to the jam!  

3:33 – Today’s topic: What is your time worth?  

3:41 – I get a lot of questions about logarithms through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. I hear this question a lot.  

4:09 – They are looking at how to hack the system? You could post something at a certain time or a certain picture to get more likes or shares. Or you could spend $2.00 per post to boost your announcement? What is your time worth? Is it your coaching hour? Do you sell products or services? Free stuff is important, but you need to invest money into your marketing, in order to reach more people.  

6:00 – How do I boost? How do I spend my money? How to get to 10X really quickly?  

6:06 – We are running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  

6:22 – I will spend money to get stuff done, but it’s worth it! I use! I am saving an hour of my time, and my time is worth more than the $10.00 tip. I also use Amazon Prime for convenience. Also, I use Fancy Hands! Check out their awesome deals!  

7:46 – I have this DREAM 100 group of people. I have this process of trying to get in front of them all the time. Do I do this myself? Do I have my assistant doing this? No, I use Fancy Hands!  

8:25 – Fancy Hands - $29.00 / month  

8:44 – What is the most profitable use of your time?  

9:55 – My most profitable hour is $18,000. By wasting time on social media and flipping through stories and such – I am saying that I am okay with wasting money while doing these menial tasks or wasting time on social media.  

12:36 – Kim reads some shout-outs!  

13:15 – Summary Resources Mentioned: Made To Thrive Planner Shipt Amazon Prime Fancy Hands

Episode 026: 3 Minute Gratitude Challenge  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about giving thanks and showing appreciation to those people in your life that mean the world to you! She suggests writing a gratitude card once a week to someone who has made a positive impact on your life. Who will you write to today?  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:27 – Topic for today: Gratitude for Others  

0:35 – It’s good to give gratitude to the people, places, and experiences in your life today.  

0:51 – Think about someone specifically that has blessed you sometime this week. Who is this person? A vendor? A church friend? A spouse? I want you to send them a physical note or email them. Tell them “why” you are thankful for their friendship.  

1:46 – My good friend, Karen, writes these gratitude notes for her friends all the time. She is such a positive person and it spreads to others in a contagious way.  

1:58 – Check out Trader Joe’s greeting cards!  

2:24 – I have a stack of cards in my office ready-to-go to send out to a friend!  

2:42 – My other friend just doesn’t say “thank you,” but she says “why” she’s thankful and is specific for her reasons for gratitude.  

3:02 – Try writing a letter once a week! By the end of the year, you will have written 52 people. How great is that? By doing so, you are more grateful and you create more positive energy throughout your life!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 025: Mic Drop  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about standing yourself up for a date that you’ve made with YOU! How many of you have a flaky friend who misses their appointments, and lunch dates with you? After a few times, you stop making plans with said friend, because it’s annoying and a hassle on your schedule. If you wouldn’t put up with a friend doing that to you, why would you tolerate those same poor behaviors being done to yourself? Therefore, commit to yourself and you will be amazed by the results!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:25 – Are you a flaky friend? I heard this and it struck me cold! I have one area in my life that  

1:10 – This podcast is great for me because it gives me great accountability to keep on the weight loss because I am sharing them with you!  

1:34 – There are psychology issues behind my weight gains.  

2:17 – There is this concept of the flaky friend.  

2:40 – This is the person that always stands you up. After three-times-in-a-row, you won’t make plans with that person anymore. That’s exactly what we do to ourselves when we make a commitment to something and we don’t do it! Mic drop!  

3:12 – At times, I am a better friend to others than to myself. How many times did I make an excuse not to go running, stating that I was too tired? If a friend wouldn’t put up with my standing them up, why should I stand for it when I do it to myself?  

3:48 – What about you? Organizing the house before the school year? Writing a book? What part  

4:09 – I am this alter ego and her name is Sheila! Sheila would follow-up on payments, manage my calendar, and much more! I use Sheila’s name when I am trying to flake out on my plans. I have this internal dialogue with Sheila and ask: “Will I flake out on Sheila, again?!”  

5:25 – I hope this concept helps you, just as much as it has helped me!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 024: How to Get Rid of Overwhelm  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about feeling overwhelmed. Kim advises that you always have a choice in whether you complete a task or not. You are in complete control of your time and of your day. Choose wisely the tasks that you want to complete because your time is a precious resource. Get over the “overwhelm” blues, today, by listening to today’s episode!  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:28 – How many times have you said: “I feel overwhelmed...” or “I don’t have time?”  

0:48 – Think about the word “overwhelmed.” This word is just a thought that we can 100% change if we choose to do so. We can manage these feelings to have more control in our lives.  

1:36 – Sure, sometimes we take on more responsibilities than we’d like to complete. If this is the case, try and figure out if there are some things you can “let go” of or identify whether or not it’s the season you happen to be in.  

1:50 – Try to have the mentality of choice rather than obligation.  

2:15 – If you have taken off too much then you can chew, then that’s a sign that you might need to prioritize in the future.  

3:40 – Is there an end date to when this will be over?  

3:49 – I go back to the data when I am feeling overwhelmed. The data gets me grounded and I can see things clearly.  

3:57 – I use my “Made to Thrive Planner.” Check it out here!  

4:22 – Kim talks about how she organizes her time.  

4:38 – I need to add in some “wiggle” room into the schedule because life happens and you don’t plan on taking your child to the doctor.  

5:14 – Being overwhelmed is just a thought. You have a choice throughout your day whether you complete or don’t complete a task. You, my friend, were made to thrive!  

Resources Mentioned: Made To Thrive Planner

Episode 023: A Gratitude Meditation  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips walks you through a meditation. Kim expresses how she was hurt badly in the past from a business partner who betrayed her. At the time, Kim felt a lot of pain and hurt but in hindsight, she is thankful for that experience. She realized that it was God allowed for it to happen in her life, in order to get Kim on the right path. Not just any path, but the path that God chose for Kim. He can do the same for you! Check out today’s episode to hear Kim’s insightful advice.  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:29 – Let’s go to a listener’s review. Kim reads it here – check it out! If you want your review possibly read on air, you can go to iTunes and subscribe, rate, and review.  

1:29 – Today, we are going to give thanks for something that didn’t go well this past year.  

2:04 – Kim shares a past personal experience that happened to her.  

2:47 – My work wife, Kelley, was a great support for me during a rough time during my life. A time in my life where I felt betrayed and sabotaged. Now, in hindsight, I realized that this season was something from God and I am so thankful for the experience. God took these clients (who were underpaying us) out of my hands in order for me to fulfill my purpose.  

5:34 – My true calling in life is talking to you all. My tribe.  

5:44 – I have no sadness or ill will for this person because I have complete peace about it now. Trust me, it was a process to get to this level of understanding and gratitude.  

6:10 – Think of a time in the past year that didn’t go the way you wanted it to go. Thank God for having this moment handed to you.  

6:40 – Kim walks you through a meditation. Take a big, deep breath and think about that moment and thank God for it. Picture the moment and place that moment inside of a box that is wrapped beautifully. This box has a big, red satin bow on it and God hands you the box! You open the box, you pull on the ribbon, and it becomes to unravel. You ask God, “Why would you let this happen to me, Lord?” He says, “This is to allow you to be the person you’re meant to be!”  

8:56 – Say: “God, thank you for creating that moment so I could grow. Thank you for the outcomes, and the people that came out of that moment.”  

Tie the ribbon around your wrist so you can remember that you let go of your feelings surrounding the moment, and to remember how you’ve grown! Resources Mentioned:  


Episode 022: What Advice to Ignore  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about who you should and shouldn’t listen to for advice. Talk with the people who have accomplished the goals you have set out for yourself. It’s best to get advice from the people who know the path to success, rather than those who haven’t walked the walk. Check out more great tips from Kim in today’s episode.  

0:21 – Welcome!  

0:28 – Topic: Who’s advice do you take? This could be a possible game changer.  

0:42 – My husband is probably the one person who hears my hopes and dreams the most. He is an amazing man who is great at his job. Sometimes, though, he doesn’t quite see my vision and that is okay! He is not my target audience.  

1:51 – Our tribes are different, and he is not in my target market. I am a storyteller, but he is not! He is a great soundboard, but I cannot let his next decision for my path influence me too much.  

2:31 – I was not created to create things for him. I was created to create content for YOU!  

2:40 – Are you serving THE people that you are meant to serve?  

2:53 – If you want to write a book, go talk to an author. If you want to run a marathon, go talk to an athlete.  

3:13 – Talk to people who have walked the path that you want to walk!  

3:35 – Do the research, but at the end of the day go with your gut! That is by no mistake – that is your God given talent!  

  Resources Mentioned:

Episode 21: Self Help vs. Self Growth  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about how tragedy is an opportunity for us to grow. When something horrible happens in your life see it as a chance to be a stronger, better version of yourself. Look at past moments and see how those tragedies have shaped you, and be thankful for that growth. Check out today’s episode to hear more!  

0:21 – Welcome to today’s show!  

0:27 – Today’s Topic: Self Growth  

0:35 – Kim talks about moving to Georgia. She didn’t want to leave at first because she loved her church, family, and friends in New Jersey. However, Kim trusted God and loved her husband and moved to Georgia.  

1:41 – Kim talks about her church and this past week’s sermon. The pastor interviewed Sheryl Sandberg through Facebook and talked about her new book, “Option B.” Kim was taking notes like crazy!  

2:15 – When we go through something traumatic we have these huge opportunities to make a change! Isn’t that a great way to perceive the situation?  

3:01 – Growth opportunities for Sheryl: 1.) Closer to her children 2.) Prays more 3.) More in-tune with the community  

3:28 – Kim: I think that she can be a guiding light to millions now, and be an example for others who are going through those traumatic experiences.  

3:54 – When we look at the past and see other horrible moments, we can look at how we’ve grown from that experience.  

4:22 – Kim talks about her past relationships and bankruptcy.  

Kim: Going through those experiences made me a better manager and a better wife.  

5:11 – I want you to do something today: Be thankful for those moments of tragedy and how you’ve grown because of it. That tragedy now is your superpower.  

5:43 – Kim shares her testimony: I see how my mess became my message. Find yours and give thanks!  

  Resources Mentioned: Sheryl Sandberg’s Book: Option B

Episode 20: Real vs. Our Reality  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about what we perceive versus actual data. When working towards your goal, check the hard facts. Data does not lie. Sometimes our brain may perceive that we are on-course towards our goal, but what do the facts say? Check out today’s episode to hear all about it!  

0:21 – Welcome to today’s show, which is about “Real vs. Our Reality.”  

0:33 – Kim reads an iTunes review from a listener – check it out here!  

0:56 – If you want to have your review read on air – please subscribe, rate, and review through iTunes.  

1:09 – Topic for today: “Real vs. Our Reality”  

1:15 – When it comes to REAL we tend not to like it. My daughter’s favorite restaurant is Chili’s and we usually go twice a month. We go when she has achieved a goal. Looking at the menu we see the calorie count. I can’t trick myself into getting something “healthy” like a salad that is 1,200 calories. It’s not “healthy” anymore and the facts prove it.  

2:37 – When we see that blueprint do we really stick to the whole thing or only parts of it?  

3:37 – Trying to see what went “wrong” vs. “well” for sales in a week. Kim gives an example here.  

4:03 – Cold Traffic and Warm Traffic terms are explained. Listen here.  

5:23 – Stay on track. Follow the data. It’s not always sexy, but it’s in the black and white.  

5:43 – Check the data and don’t just assume.  

6:03 – Check this out –  

  Resources Mentioned:

Episode 19: Consistency  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about being consistent. Kim encourages you to create mini-milestones and mini-wins along the path to your larger goal. We can easily get off-track of our main goal because we are not being satisfied along the way. We can get distracted with social media and potentially waste time. We lean into such things, (like social media) because we are instantly gratified. Be careful, though! This could be a time waster and get us off-track of our goals. Instead, set mini-goals along the way and once you’ve reached that goal, you can celebrate the small victories! Be consistent, and in the end, you will be rewarded thoroughly!  

0:21 – Welcome to today’s show, which is about being consistent!  

0:25 – Kim reads a review from a podcast listener – check it out here!  

1:10 – Please go to iTunes and subscribe, rate, and review! I could possibly read your review on air, and you could maybe win an iPad mini!  

1:12 – Let’s talk about being consistent! This word consists of some patience, dedication, and some delay of gratification.  

1:35 – Listen to some examples of this – here!  

2:14 – People have their different goals, which are unique to them and their lives; such as losing weight, training for a marathon, or writing a book.  

2:58 – Stay true to your goal and keep with the “why.”  

3:09 – Our world is based on immediate gratification. To accomplish your goals, you have to do the work up front in order to get to the goal in the end.  

3:16 – Curbside Pick-Up – App!  

3:33 – Create mini-wins and mini-milestones along the way. When I write the next 25,000 words that can be an example of a mini-milestone.  

 4:20 – Get an accountability partner. This partner will encourage you and keep you on track!  

4:54 – Be consistent, take the next step forward, and plan mini-celebrations along the way!  

  Resources Mentioned:

Episode 18: Multiplying Your Time  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about batching. Try finding similar tasks that you can group together and complete all at once. Kim will record multiple podcast episodes in the same recording session to get a bulk of her episodes completed. Try batching in your own life and see how more productive you can be!  

0:21 – Today’s topic is about batching. Listen below for all the details!  

0:30 – Go to iTunes and please subscribe, rate, and review! You could possibly win an iPad mini!  

0:39 – Kim reads a review – listen here!  

1:08 – Today’s tip comes from one of my favorite things to do and that is called “batching!”  

1:26 – Batching is when you gather similar tasks and you complete it all at once. Kim will record podcast episodes back-to-back OR create her social media blasts all at once. This saves time.  

1:53 – When we batch we tend to be more productive!  

2:11 – Check out the simple things in your life to see if you can make an opportunity to batch. For example: making lunches and figuring out your wardrobe for the week.  

2:37 – Make a list of the things that you are doing now that you could batch.  

2:53 – Use #madetothrivepodcast to share your ideas with the community!  

3:11 – Check out my Power Pack – here!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 17: The Obstacles In The Way  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about life’s obstacles. We can see these obstacles in our life as one of two things: either as a roadblock or as a detour. Try to get creative and go-around the obstacle in order to achieve your goals. It might not be the way you had originally planned, but by going the “long way” you actually will create opportunities for yourself in ways you had never anticipated!  

0:21 – Welcome! I can’t want to talk about today’s topic!  

0:33 – Here is the jam. There are a lot of obstacles in life, and the question is how do we conquer them?  

0:42 – We can view these obstacles in one of two ways: either as a roadblock or as a detour. Find a new path around the obstacle. Get creative. In fact, by finding that detour (ways around the obstacle) we actually help ourselves in ways that we never thought were possible. Why do we “go home” when obstacles arise in our life?  

1:34 – Book: “Love What You Do,” by Dana Spinola. She is the owner of the store, Fab’rik.  

1:42 – Dana talks about the opening of her new store and the morning of the store’s premiere, there was a break-in. Some would see that as a defeat, but not here! She had made great relationships with her business vendors and asked them for a line of credit to purchase clothes to continue with the store’s opening. She found a way around her obstacle.  

2:25 – Free Fab’rik – check it out!  

2:36 – The storeowner had adopted a child from Ethiopia and has done tons of mission trips.  

2:50 – When you see that obstacle in your life come up, what do you do?  

2:57 – Thank you for the reviews! Go to iTunes and please subscribe, rate, and review. You could win an iPad mini!  

3:08 – Kim reads a review on air – listen here!  

3:26 – Happy Mother’s Day! God Bless You!  

Resources Mentioned: Book: “Love What You Do,” by Dana Spinola Fab’rik Free Fab’rik – check it out!

Episode 16: How To Get Over It  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about you putting yourself first in order to achieve your dreams. Are you serving people so much that you are ignoring your own goals? What obstacles are you putting in front of your path that is potentially harming you and your future? Kim is here to tell you today that you were meant to fulfill God’s purpose for your life. Not only will this satisfy you, but also it will help the greater good. Check out today’s episode to hear all of the details!  

0:21 – Welcome! We will talk today about, “How To Get Over It!”  

0:32 – Today’s podcast review is read here – check it out!  

0:55 – Check out:  

1:09 – Today, I want to talk about the essence of an important conversation we had within our Powerhouse Mastermind Group. There is a member in that group that is so brilliant. This person is so amazing in their business, and we keep encouraging them to create courses because the information is golden. Why were they not creating these courses? What was blocking this person? We found out why! This person felt guilty to take a risk for themselves. Can you relate?  

2:57 – When you lean into your super powers – you are actually serving God and serving others. By doing this you can serve the community!  

4:00 – Have you stopped moving forward? What are your obstacles and excuses that are getting in the way?  

4:25 – “You, my friend, were made to thrive!” – Kim  

4:29 – Go check out our Power Pack – here!  

4:48 – Leave a review on iTunes and you could win a free iPad mini!  

4:59 – Closing  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 15: Staying on Track  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about letting your brain work for you – not against you! Kim received some amazing suggestions from a previous mentor on this very topic! Use precious sleep, to allow for your brain to start brainstorming ideas for tomorrow’s agenda. Your brain is a working machine – let it work for you in ways that you didn’t even know existed!  

0:21 – Welcome! Here is a time-hack when I am working on a big project. Your brain is an amazing machine. It’s a double-edged sword: your brain can either work for you or against you.  

0:58 – If you are doing your power hour in the morning, think about what you will be doing during this hour before you go to bed. While you sleep, your brain can start working on tomorrow’s plan.  

1:37 – Promotional calendar is mentioned here.  

2:16 – Before I go to bed, I think about my content for my promotional calendar. When I wake-up, I no longer have writer’s block. The ideas just flow when I go to work!  

2:43 – My mentor gave me this suggestion a while back. I swear it works!  

3:10 – I also like taking a 20-minute nap to help my brain function at its top-level!  

3:29 – Before you go to sleep think about tomorrow’s plan.  

3:40 – You, my friend, were made to thrive  

3:46 – Go to iTunes and please subscribe, rate, and review. You could win an iPad mini!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 14: How To Get Stuff Done While You Sleep  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips answers a question from one of her Powerful Professional Business Coaching members. Kim shares three steps to stay on track and schedule side-projects into your entrepreneurial endeavors without losing a beat with current projects. Learn more at  

  0:21 – Kim shares a review from Carrie, who is excited about the new podcasts.  

1:13 – Kim answers a question from Crystal, who is one of the Powerful Professional Business Coaching members. Crystal asked, “How do you keep from getting sucked into all the bright and shiny object coming into your path? There is so much opportunity and training, that there is no way to do it all. How do you choose?”  

1:35 – Kim shares that this is often an issue for entrepreneurs who constantly see new and attractive opportunities.  

2:40 – First, have the accountability to keep you on track doing things needed.  

3:10 - Secondly, have a visualization of a bridge, and you’re only building only two planks toward every project. You will never get across the bridge because you are not finishing the bridge.  

3:45 - Lastly, you need time to play, and have your power hour and build new things into our schedule.  

Go to iTunes and please subscribe, rate, and review. You could win an iPad mini!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 13: Curbside Time Hacks  

In today’s episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about saving time with an app called Curbside! Check out your favorite businesses to see if they utilize this app. This could be a great way for you to save time if you don’t care for grocery shopping. Instead of going up-and-down the aisles, you can have your food delivered right to your car. By saving time on errands, you have given yourself more time for the things that you love!  

0:21 – Welcome to Episode #13!  

0:49 – My daughter loves Chili’s, so I ordered dinner for us tonight. I used one of my favorite time-saving tools and that is an app called Curbside! You are saving cost because you aren’t buying more things than you actually need. Use your smartphone, download the app, and you can order your items – and you are good to go!  

1:16– Other companies who use this app are Target, Walmart, and other businesses!  

1:55 – There are some perks that await you through this app.  

2:01 – Total bill for tonight’s dinner was $33.00!  

2:13 – You can still use your Target, Cartwheel feature, too!  

2:29 – For Walmart, you can even shop for dairy items. I will warn you that sometimes Walmart takes a while to deliver the items to your car. But! You can sit there and use the time wisely by reading an eBook, listen to your favorite podcast, or check your e-mails!  

3:02 – If you are trying to find some hidden time – this is one way you can achieve your goal!  

3:12 – There is no extra expense – you don’t even have to tip.  

3:29 – Go to iTunes to subscribe, rate, and review – and you could possibly win an iPad mini!  

Resources Mentioned:  

Episode 12: How To Decide  

The twelfth episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about making the right decisions towards your ten-year plan. There are many ways to accomplish your goal; however, it is advised that you find out the specific steps that will get you closer to achieving your dreams. By making those hard-set decisions, you are doing yourself a favor by not giving into excuses. Once you have made those decisions, stick to the plan and you are now one step closer to reaching your life’s goals!  

0:21 – Welcome! Thanks for being here today!  

0:30 – Remember, you could win an iPad mini if you subscribe, rate, and review in iTunes!  

1:00 – Today’s topic is: “How Do You Decide?”  

1:10 – If you have planned out your 10-year vision (Episode 2), then it’s good to start with that plan.  

1:37 – Perhaps you are going to publish a book this year. There are tons of things that could help you accomplish this goal. But! What’s the MOST impactful thing that will help you publish your book? For example, if you are going to publish your own book then it’s meeting the 35,000-60,000-word requirement.  

2:47 – When you are trying to make decisions you have to get rid of excuses. You aren’t confused – you know what to do. What things are going to get you further and closer to your goal – then that’s your decision. Once you’ve made that decision – go with it! Don’t back out, don’t second guess yourself – stick with the plan!  

3:40 – See the powerpack – here!  

Resources Mentioned:  

Episode 11: How Not to Get Off-Track  

The eleventh episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about consuming information in reasonable doses. If you are a podcaster, you probably are one who naturally loves to be enriched with loads of information. However, this could backfire and you could easily get overwhelmed. Remember your big goals, and consume content that is information specific. Use successful people’s blueprints that are already laid out for you instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Check out today’s episode for my suggestions!  

0:20 – Welcome to the 11th episode! Kim loves today’s topic. First, let’s get to today’s review from Donna!  

1:06 – Do you want to win an iPad mini? Go ahead and subscribe, rate, and review – and you could win!  

1:25 – Question: How to not get off-track from your goals!  

1:37 – If you are a podcast listener then you probably are a thinker, you take courses, you listen to Audible books, and more. You MIGHT be overwhelmed with information overload. The best way to consume content is in information specific. Kim gives an example of this.  

2:58 – The topic that I am reading about now is: “forward thinking in our scaling.”  

3:21 – This is to say that I don’t listen to other things. I listen to other podcasts, but it’s more for my enjoyment.  

3:47 – When my kids go to bed, I make their lunches. This is the time that I listen to what I want to hear. I will play one of my fun podcasts. However! I will engage in my content information (to my specific topic) during my commute and, or walks.  

4:38 – I want to absorb the content right away by using the blueprint that has already been used. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. You have big goals to accomplish – and focus on those resources that will give you content to help you achieve those goals.  

5:08 – Check out our powerpack – here!  

5:19 – Conclusion: “You, my friend, were made to thrive!”  

Resources Mentioned:  



Episode 10: Power Hour - Part 2  

The tenth episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips continues her talk from episode 9, “Power Hour!” If you have not listened to the ninth episode, go to iTunes and listen before checking out this episode. Today’s content revolves around how to prepare for your power hour in advance. Kim talks about how she uses her planner to schedule what content she’s creating during each day’s power hour. She doesn’t leave anything to change, because, without that planning, she could easily sit down and get stuck in a rabbit hole with emails and whatnot. Consider planning your power hour to be the most effective with your time and energy.  

0:21 – Welcome to episode ten! This is the second part of Episode 9.  

0:35 – Kim offers some tips for your power hour.  

0:40 – Plan your power hour ahead of time. I am planning ahead of time the content that I will create during my next power hour in my planner. Every day is mapped out for the next week, so I can stay on target.  

1:30 – The next few days, I know what content I am creating. Whether it is a daily e-mail, my newsletter, or wrap-up my daily e-mails – I am ready for that slot of time!  

2:01 – I try to exercise five times a week. Most weeks I show-up three times a week. My exercise regimen is in the evenings because it doesn’t require a lot of brainpower. Exercising helps me to de-stress and I’m just a friendlier person because I get to relax during that time. I might listen to a podcast or an Audible book.  

3:34 – Kim reads a review from Scott. Check it out here!  

4:10 – Leave a review and you can possibly win an iPad mini and I will read out loud your review on the air!  

4:19 – For a special bonus from this episode – check out my power pack for free – here!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 9: Power Hour  

In the ninth episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about finding your power hour. This is an hour where you are not disturbed by social media, family, friends and, or work. This is a time where you get to accomplish your biggest dreams. Remember your 10-year plan? Find the tasks that will help you achieve your 10-year goal through that power hour each day. Whether it’s 60 minutes or 120 minutes, it doesn’t matter – find what works well for you! Unleash your productivity and creativity during your next power hour! Finally, check out the free power pack – here!  

0:22 – Welcome!  

0:25 – Thanks to everyone who has supported this podcast so far! It was a very successful launch!  

0:48 – If you leave a review, I will read it on air. Also, you could win an iPad mini!  

0:59 – Dr. Tom’s Review – listen here! He mentions the “Anchoring” episode. Thank you, Dr. Tom!  

1:26 – Go to iTunes and leave your review of the show, please.  

1:41 – Question: How do I get more done when I’m already so busy?  

1:55 – I totally feel you! Between my family, friends, and business – how do you manage your time to accomplish your most important tasks?  

2:10 – When are you most productive? AND! What work do you need to do in order to achieve your goals?  

2:19 – Look at your task list.  

2:46 – I write 20,000 words a week. Between my books, e-mails, and content for the podcasts – the list goes on and on. I need to set aside time where I can be super productive.  

3:05 – The Power Hour! This is one hour that I can completely control. Pick an hour that works best for you. For me, it’s in the morning because everyone is still asleep, and I can control that time. I am not using this hour to do social media or answering mindless e-mails. I am writing EVERY single power hour. I might use this time to create a course outline in order to use my deep thinking. This happens for me between 5:00-6:00 A.M. I am back to productivity at 7:30 A.M. after I get my children ready for the day. I get a lot done during that time.  

4:49 – Try a power hour for you! Do you need it to be a two-hour session? At least 1-hour a day, that is seven hours a week!  

5:24 – Think about your dreams and passions. This power hour will help you to complete the tasks you need to fulfill in order to achieve those goals!  

5:35 – Check out the power pack for free at Resources Mentioned:  

Episode 8: Who To Give Credit  

In the eighth episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about your God-given gifts (episode 7) and how to use them. She encourages you to thank God every day for these talents, which will help serve His people. Kim reminds everyone of her roots and how God shaped her life and business. Also, Kim sympathizes with her audience by stating that it is okay to be scared and that if you trust God you can make that jump into the next season of your life!  

0:20 – Welcome to Episode #8!  

0:30 – Listen to Episode #7 for a summary.  

0:40 – Am I willing to talk with confidence with my talents? Yes! Because we give credit to our Creator! In order to serve His people, He gave you specific talents in order to fulfill His purpose for your life.  

1:27 – Give daily gratitude for your God-given gifts.  

1:50 – Every day I want you to write one of your talents. By doing this you are thanking God for these gifts. Through these gifts, we can thrive! The more of these things that we do, the more opportunities He gives us.  

2:15 – Kim heard God’s voice and saw signs around her that signaled a change.  

2:52 – Kim: I heard God whisper: “You were made to serve more.”  

The pastor shared a video where a woman shared her testimony. This video impacted Kim tremendously.  

4:06 – Kim shares how her revenue doubled because she listened to God.  

4:30 – Kim: It’s okay to be scared and it’s okay to take the jump.  

4:41 – Kim: Start using your gifts, and thank God for your special talents every day.  

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Episode 7: God-Givien Super Powers  

In the seventh episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about your God-given gifts. When you are passionate about a topic or a task, this is by no accident. The reason why you are excited to complete a project or work with a person is due to the fact that God has instilled this life’s work onto your heart. He knows your desires and He wants to be fulfilled in the work that He has called you to do. May you find what your God-given talents are and use them to be productive throughout your career.  

0:20 – Welcome to Episode #7!  

0:30 – Kim talks about your God-given gifts. Your passions and the things that come naturally to you are by no accident. When you complete these tasks, you get super excited because it fulfills you.  

1:33 – Kim mentions her dislikes and how she found her God-given talents. Also, she didn’t like writing out proposals because it wasn’t creative or impactful in her life.  

2:00 – Kim: I struggled for a while. I came alive when I was being authentic and genuine. Also, by being myself, I inspired and found my best clients because I was in my zone.  

3:05 – Kim mentions that she will not do anything that she dislikes. She mentions that she will focus on the work that brings her joy.  

4:03 – When you think about your week ahead and your prosperity, spend about 30 minutes with things that you love. See what that does to your productivity and outcome. God gave you superpowers – go and use them because that’s why He gave them to you!  

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Episode 6: There is No Shame in Following the Blueprint Game  

In the sixth episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about seeking-out successful individuals who have a blueprint that is ready for you to utilize. Why try to reinvent the wheel when it’s been figured out by a successor? There is no shame in using the tactic that worked for them. Kim encourages you to find the blueprint, talk to experts, implement their strategies, and this will get you to the finish line faster!  

0:20 – Welcome!  

0:36 – If you are listening to this you are probably an overachiever. Also! You might be a person that tries to do more than necessary and reinvent the wheel. There are people before you that have failed and others who have succeeded. Find the people who’ve succeeded and find their blueprint.  

1:39 – Find the experts! Find a truly, successful individual.  

2:03 – Look at the 21-Day Challenge! There are proven strategies out there and many people have benefited from the program.  

2:48 – Kim talks about her joy of teaching and helping her students.  

3:05 – When you work with someone else’s blueprint – you will automatically make it unique because you are unique!  

3:25 – When you have a new task: find the blueprint, follow it, and get to the finish line faster!  

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Episode 5: Anchoring  

In the fifth episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about anchoring. She reminds the listeners what episode four was all about and segues into episode five, which is about anchoring. She reminds her audience that it is okay to check social media, but if it’s getting in the way of one’s priorities then it is a distraction. However, if you were to allow yourself to check social media (as your reward) after you have completed an important task, then you are on the right path. Learn about the anchoring technique today!  

 0:20 – Welcome and episode’s topic!  

0:33 – Episode four was about distractions and today we will talk about anchoring.  

1:05 – As you are going through withdrawals, fill the void with some anchors.  

1:14 – Anchoring & Rewards  

1:23 – Kim gives an example for nighttime skincare routine. Try putting your iPad by your bathroom sink and watch your favorite T.V. show while you are doing your skincare regimen. The reward is watching your favorite T.V. episode.  

2:32 – Anchor it to a habit that you are already doing. For example, if you check social media too much – put a sticky note on your computer that says, “but first...!”  

3:14 – Reward activities. Do the work before you give yourself that reward.  

3:28 – Anchor it to an activity that you are used to doing already.  

3:36 – Listen to Kim’s example – here!  

3:54 – Give yourself 30-days to implement this new habit.  

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Episode 4: Are You Distracted?  

In the fourth episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about distractions and how they can take our joy away from reaching our goals. Notice how you respond to text messages, e-mails and phone calls. How does this play into your daily routine while working towards your ten-year vision? How are those distractions keeping you from achieving your goals? Kim encourages you to set time aside each day to answer e-mails and the like in order to keep your eye-on-the-prize!  

0:21 – Welcome and episode’s topic.  

0:32 – Are you distracted often? Do you find yourself acting like a squirrel? How do we avoid distractions that pop-up?  

1:20 – Distractions give us a dose of dopamine, but it takes away from your big goals.  

1:58 – You have to detox and go through the withdrawal of not always checking your text messages or e-mails instantly. By responding to these distractions you are taking away time and energy from your main priorities and goals. Once you’ve decided to not always react to messages (or the like!) you will feel icky, at first. But! That icky feeling is a good sign. Count to five and remind yourself that you are one step closer to reaching your goals! Smile and celebrate.  

4:00 – Schedule a specific time to answer the phone, e-mail, etc.  

4:42 – Made to Thrive Planner!  

5:01 – You are in complete control and let’s step away from all of those distractions!  

  Resources Mentioned:

Episode 3: Set A Date To Celebrate  

In the third episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about setting goals and scheduling a time to celebrate once you’ve achieved that goal. Make yourself accountable for your endeavors by inviting someone to celebrate with you! Check out today’s episode to hear more tips and suggestions!  

0:21 – Welcome and summary of episodes one and two.  

0:37 – Episode three’s topic: setting goals for yourself and celebration!  

0:51 – What is your goal? Whether it’s losing twenty pounds or writing a book – whatever that goal is you need to set accountability. Give yourself time to achieve your goal and then set a date to celebrate! It’s important to include someone to celebrate with you.  

3:04 – Chef tasting celebration and Disney celebration.  

3:15 – Invite someone to celebrate with you. It can be something as simple as a hike on your favorite path! Create a calendar invite.  

4:02 – Conclusion!  

Resources Mentioned:

Episode 2: 10-Year Vision

In the second episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about five guiding principles that should help you prioritize your life. She continues with a powerful visualization exercise that will move you to tears! Let Kim help you achieve your goals to fulfill your ten-year vision!  

0:23 – Introduction!  

1:02 – Kim talks about how her health suffered, because her workload was too high.  

1:49 – The guiding principles are described and listed: health, business, spiritual life, personal life, and family. What is your 10-year vision? Kim mentions that once you figure out what it is, then it will help you prioritize your life.  

2:40 – Kim walks you through a visualization exercise.  

3:30 – Teatime!  

3:43 – The visualization exercise starts here. Check it out!  

7:35 – Plan to achieve your goals; we don’t have to just envision it!  

8:02 – What are your North stars? Let’s go ahead and set them!  

9:22 – Conclusion!  

Resources Mentioned:  

Episode 1: Find Your Theme Song

In the first episode of Made to Thrive, Kim Walsh Philips talks about what The Made to Thrive philosophy is about and how it is going to help you. Kim provides strategies to achieve your 5 North Star goals and hacks to get things done quicker and hear the best practices from some of the most successful people in the world. Lastly, Kim wants you to find the theme song that will motivate and empower you!  

0:06 - Kim says she is ready to go and well caffeinated. Kim shares what her new podcast is about, and what the Made to Thrive philosophy is about.  

0:35 - Kim shared that the Made to Thrive podcast is birth from two past programs, Made to Thrive Planner and the Made to Thrive Challenge.  

1:00 - Kim talks about the Made to Thrive philosophy is based on how there is more than one way to plan your day. You are competing against a lot of things, and you have to plan accordingly.  

1:30 - Kim talks the 5 North Stars - Business, Health, Personal, Family, Spiritual.  

2:50 - Kim shares how you are going to be able to achieve your North Star goals and you will learn hacks from some of the most successful people in the world.  

3:30 - Kim urges you to pick your thriving theme song! This is to help you get your big thing done and motivate yours. Kim talks about the power of how theme songs can empower you.  

5:32 - Kim shares her theme song by Andy Grammar’s “Good to be Alive”, and MercyMe's “Greater.” Kim wants to hear about your songs!  

6:00 - Next episode Kim will talk about How Your 10-year Goal Starts Today!  

Resources Mentioned: Andy Grammar’s “Good to be Alive” MercyMe's “Greater”

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